Monday, January 12, 2015

I've been a bit busy lately! Upcoming posts on Delphi Code Monkey

I apologize for the lack of blog activity for the last few months. I've been in Crunch Mode at work, and various things are going on in my family life right now that have made it harder to blog about Delphi.

I remain an active Delphi guy, all day at work, and I'm happily using XE7 in production.  I remain confident in the product's stability curve.  XE6 was better and more stable than XE5, and XE7 has continued to be stable.

Here are some things I'm planning to write about soon:

1. The sad state of dUnit and the plan to resuscitate it.  This plan is currently underway by the current maintainer of dUnit, Jeroen Pluimers.   He plans to move the project from SourceForge to a public GIT based hosting system, and abandon Subversion for Git.  I plan to be one of the contributors to that newly rescuscitated dUnit and I'll have my own branch (which I will use to submit pull requests, using GitFlow).  I'm quite excited to see dUnit come back again.   I will probably also include some notes about WHY I'm not interested in DUnit/X right now, and yet, I am quite interested in seeing the changes that went into DUnit2 getting merged up to the DUnit trunk.

2.  A plan to relaunch the WANT program, also a Juancarlo Anez original, in a new form.  I will probably be hosting the code at bitbucket, and I plan to use Mercurial to host it.    I need to discuss the plan with my employers as I want to take some of our own in-house customizations and changes and external tools and build them right into WANT.   Why?  Because CI (continuous integration via build servers), IDE package installation, and unit and integration testing frameworks (like DUnit and DUnit/x) should be integrated.

3. I'm planning to write a blog post on how to I use logging tools, especially CodeSite, to help me with my debugging. I think that will be the next one.

Sorry for the quiet months on the blog, but this blog is back, and I've got some stuff to talk about coming up January 2015.   Today is, by the way, my 45th birthday, so I might write a post a bit later this month about the issue of Getting Old, from the perspective of a Software Development professional.


  1. All excellent topics! Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Delphi XE7 continues to be my everyday workhorse as well. I'm having trouble getting a very complex app ready for the Mac app store but I'm confident the kinks will be worked out.