Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Delphi XE7 has been released

As Embarcadero mentioned a few hours back, Delphi XE7,  and C++ Builder XE7,  known collectively as "RAD Studio XE7", have been released.

After I get it installed, I'll be posting some thoughts on what's new and notable.

The Parallel Computing Library, and some memory-use improvements when working on large projects, are the two things that I'm looking forward to getting to use with my employer's big Delphi codebase, which is currently running very well in XE6.

There are also some mobile "FireUI" designer improvements, and a new "EMS" middleware service offering, and other interesting stuff.  The PAServer Manager looks like it will make iOS and Mac OS X FMX development a little nicer.

For a quick look, check the docwiki "What's New in XE7" page.

Update:   I installed XE7.  I have been unable to find the AQTime installer for Delphi XE7 so far.  Maybe it's on the full ISO image, but it didn't get installed in the web-installer.  Or maybe it will take a while before that comes out.  Or maybe AQTime has been removed.  The folks at SmartBear seem to have a hard time fixing the bugs in the AQTime IDE package, it always crashed on me before, but each time a new Delphi IDE comes out and they updated it for XE5, XE6, I hoped against hope that they'd fix their product.


  1. Every version (XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5,XE6) and now XE7 i run the Datasnap Stability Teste from Roberto Schneiders and !!!SUPRISE!!!, same Results again :(!!

    Wait for XE8

  2. Where is the link for that Stability Test?

  3. https://github.com/RobertoSchneiders/DataSnap_REST_Test

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  5. Is he seriously load-testing using an Indy IdTcpServer instead of the proper ISAPI/IIS deployment pattern for serious load-testing and serious use of DataSnap?