Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Not Just Code Monkeys - Martin Fowler

I recommend everyone watch Martin Fowler's 2014 talk, which was given to its original audience without a title, and the title was then explained and introduced at the end.

It's called Not Just Code Monkeys.

Watch it first, and I have only two things to add, after you've watched it:

1.   I think that Martin Fowler's idea that we as developers need more of the attitude that  formally licensed Engineering disciplines (Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers) have, even though I am (like Fowler) a bit skeptical of formally licensing software developers.

2.  I think that software developers can be agents of social progress, and like Martin Fowler, think we have a duty to not co-operate in immoral and evil actions carried out with software.  Bob Martin, another software developer and conference speaker I greatly admire, recently blasted developers who would, for example, do what the developers in the Volkswagen emissions scandal clearly did;  To do something that they ought to have known was wrong. Sure, the bosses at the company should be held accountable. But it took technical skill to carry out that fraudulent activity, and engineers were complicit in the evil that was done.

Don't be evil. And don't put your head down and just think of yourself as someone who slings code. You can make the world better. Or worse.  Which will you do?

Update: A more recent example of evil in firmware:  John Deere tractors now contain firmware which effectively blocks farmers from repairing their own tractors.  Their license agreements also say that you don't really own your tractor, you just have a license to use it according to their terms and conditions.   This (rightly) angers a lot of farmers.  You wouldn't catch me implementing that kind of crap in an embedded system. It's evil.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Need a Delphi Job? Love and know Delphi? Ping me.

Just a friendly periodic reminder that I currently know about more empty delphi job positions than I know of available experienced Delphi talent. You need work? Remote or Local? You live in Canada or USA? Ping me at warren dot postma at gmail dot com.

I do not accept any referral fees, and I do not work with agents, and I don't pay or get paid for this.  I am just a geek like you, who knows how it feels to have mouths to feed and rent or a mortgage to pay, and if you need a job and you're passionate and have at least a couple years of Delphi on your resume, you should be able to find something, and you can't, and you're in Canada or the USA, please do ping me. Mostly the people I know are looking for people who are willing to work in-office in various cities in Canada and the USA.

I accept emails at the above address if you're trying to fill a position in Canada or the USA as well. I will not talk to you if you work for any kind of agency.

Update March 17: Well I've now heard from more of my wonderful readers than I actually know about Delphi Jobs, so if anyone is feeling that they can't find people in the continental US, or in Europe, and want to hear about a few senior people, and you're an employer, and you're someone with direct hiring authority, not a headhunter/agent, or a go between of any kind, you can email me, and I'll pass your emails along to folks.

Update March 22:  There's an interesting job for Toronto area developers (no remote) posted on the Toronto Delphi User Group. Software Development Manager, delphi, local in-office job (Toronto) only. Check it out.