Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Did you know that the Raize Components (Rz*) by Ray Konopka are now in Getit under a completely inscrutable new moniker?

 Would you have guessed what "Bonus KSVC 7" is, if you saw it in getit.  No? Neither would I.

It turns out that if you are looking for Raize Components they're now called Bonus KSVC, and available as version 6.5 and 7 in GetIt.

Raize Components, as it was for over a decade, got renamed to Konopka Signature Controls in 2020. But one rename was not enough for the bright sparks at EmbarcIdera.  Now it's been renamed again, this time it's called KSVC. Sure.   And the word bonus was necessary to put in front in the title, because "raisins".

Naming things is one of the hard problems in Computer Science, I guess. 

The components remain quite awesome,  and since they're in GetIt, I can heartily recommend everyone check them out if you hadn't heard about them.  There's still a discussion forum dedicated to them on the Raize.com site, but the product appears to have been 100% bought out by Embarcadero and is basically "part of Delphi now", which was a good move by Embarcadero.  

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