Friday, October 23, 2020

A few quick tips about Downloading Delphi 10.4.1 (sydney) and all future Delphi Releases for current active customers.

Probably this is old news but I didn't see the news whenever it hit, and so I'm posting this here in hopes that other people who hadn't realized that EDN/CodeCentral is no longer where you get your Delphi downloads from, will Get The Memo.   Did you Get the Memo?

 1.  Don't bother trying to find 10.4.1 Sydney in the old EDN products portal, the one with the url starting  10.4.1 isn't in there.  I wouldn't be surprised if this site went away at some point. 

2. If you have an active subscription the place to get 10.4.1 Sydney is from the My Embarcadero Portal using the same login credentials as your active subscriptions and your licenses are associated with.

3.  Even very old stuff like Delphi 7 isos is now on the new site. It does seem that the same file pile of your purchases from the Borland, or CodeGear, or the pre-Idera Embarcadero era, are all on there, and there's no loss of continuity, and as far as I can see, there's no reasons to complain about the change, it seems good.

It's nice to see that the ancient EDN stuff is finally being rebuilt.  I still have some complaints about the download and install experience. For example, why isn't TeeChart available both from GetIt instead of only as a one-shot-miss-it-and-it's-gone a checkbox during initial install?  


  1. install is fine in 10.4.1 but the first launch crashes opening the project options on a setfocus before some form is visible. Hilarious bad coding. try except wrapper around your setFocus, anyone? Anyone?
    Cannot Focus Disabled Window.

    [50E56395]{vcl270.bpl } Vcl.Forms.TCustomForm.SetFocus (Line 7660, "Vcl.Forms.pas" + 8) + $1C
    [20778DE7]{coreide270.bpl} EnvOptions.TEnvironmentOptions.StampIt (Line 1166, "EnvOptions.pas" + 85) + $5
    [500FD3ED]{rtl270.bpl } System.Rtti.RawInvoke (Line 8003, "System.Rtti.pas" + 46) + $0
    [500FD7D6]{rtl270.bpl } System.Rtti.Invoke (Line 8241, "System.Rtti.pas" + 79) + $6
    [50064530]{rtl270.bpl } System.@FinalizeRecord (Line 33034, "System.pas" + 56) + $1E
    [500F412E]{rtl270.bpl } System.Rtti.TRttiInstanceMethodEx.DispatchInvoke (Line 6114, "System.Rtti.pas" + 103) + $1A
    [500FDDC4]{rtl270.bpl } System.Rtti.TRttiMethod.Invoke (Line 9547, "System.Rtti.pas" + 1) + $11
    [100000C3]{dcciosarm64270.dll} C:\BUILDS\TP\INTERMEDIATE\DEBUG\COM\DCCIOSARM64\DECL.OBJ.SetSymToConst + $6CF

  2. Waiting on the community addition