Thursday, September 5, 2019

Sivv Open Source Projects by Jason Southwell

Just wanted to point out these open source projects written by Jason Southwell, who in addition to being a well known Delphi developer out there is also my boss! Hi!

Anyways, I use these libraries where we both work, and I think you should all check them out.

SIVV Open source is on bitbucket ...

A few example projects:

Chimera  Networking and JSON Library

Chimera project includes chimera.json, a very fast JSON library, and a bayeux (pubsub) network protocol  client, and other things.


Networking/threading/async library. It recently grew some new "flux" like capabilities for event driven programming.


A nifty duck-typing facility built over delphi RTTI facilities.  As the comments state in the project source:

//  Instead of:
//    if obj is TControl then
//      TControl(obj).Visible := True
//  You can simply call

The call will do nothing silently instead of blowing up if you had done a bad runtime cast.  It's a nice pattern.

Discussion and questions on these components is at this site:

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  1. Thanks! I use DuckDuckDelphi and I love the way it works. On the other hand, the performance is bad when working with maybe over a hundred of objects.