Monday, December 17, 2018

GetIt is broken, please fix it Embarcadero

Various people, including myself are having problems with GetIt returning license errors instead of installing the thing it should install. Even on free items like the Jedi JVCL library, you can get this error:

It's not a blocker when you can install Jedi yourself from source (clone the git repo, download a zip from sourceforge, but where it really affects the product is when you build an Android firemonkey app the first time. You get a prompt to install the tools with getit, and getit having failed, your only choice is to uninstall delphi and reinstall from the ISO, instead of from the web installer.

I hope Embarcadero fixes this soon. If anyone knows a workaround to get Getit to function, I will edit this post, and I will update it once a fix is released.  Above is with Delphi 10 seattle, which many projects I work on are using still.

UPDATE: I have heard from an Embarcadero person that a fix for this is unlikely.  You can get the JEDI JCL without using GetIt, but some things like CodeSite (Embarcadero edition) are NOT available anywhere else, not even in the EDN Registered Users Downloads section.   If anyone has a list of Seattle accessories/tool-installation downloads that are missing from EDN and no longer can be fetched from GetIt, I'll post links for workarounds here, as any appear.


  1. I did not have license errors, but the Android SDK was searched in a completely different path than the one GetIt downloaded the files to. I had to update the older Android SDK and NDK of Delphi 10.2 manually and change to those paths in Delphi's options to get the Android compiler to work.