Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Survey Results for the First Annual Delphi Code Monkey Survey

There were 373 respondents but the statistics shown here only reflect a portion of that, because SurveyMonkey wants $25 US from me to give me fully detailed results. Given that the final numbers are unlikely to be much different from these, I'm going to leave these as they are.  30% of respondents left the "other tools" question blank, which is interesting.

Some interesting responses from the "other" category:

* Some people were in professional categories other than the ones described, such as "retired".

* Other commonly stated worries included financial/pay level concerns, and concerns about whether they can afford to keep up with buying new versions of Delphi, or if they can compete with cheaper contractors, perhaps offshore.

I was pleased to see that although the experience meter tips towards "oldtimers", there are some inexperienced and only slightly experienced readers.  If anyone wants to fire me any comments on what beginner topics they would like to see me covering, please fire some comments up in the comment box.

The next time I run a survey it won't be on survey monkey, it will be my own homebrew PHP script survey.   Thanks everyone!


  1. You have 373 respondents but each statistic only considers a maximum of 99.
    Are you sure you want to neglect 73% of your sample?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Eric did I not explain survey monkey wants 25 dollars to actually tell me that. I refuse to be bullied into their stupid system. Heres 25 dollars survey monkey for lying to me. Right?

    3. Next time when you decide to run survey you could use
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  2. The age analysis of Delphi developers indicates that there are fewer and fewer young developers coming this way. Most of us were young when we started and have stayed with the tool, but mindshare among the younger developers is diminishing.

    1. That is true.
      I believe that the main cause for this is the fact that Delphi isn't newbie friendly because no newbie would spend almost 400 Euros for extremely limited starter edition which he/she might not even like.
      As for the trial version. I don't think anyone would manage to decide whether it likes working with Delphi or not since in this time you can barely learn only basics despite the fact that Delphi is fairly easy to learn.
      Now I don't know how it is with Educational licenses which apparently does exists but there is no information publicly available. You need to contact Embarcadero to get more info on them. And because of that I would suspect that not many schools decide to include learning of software development in Delphi into their courses.
      I think Delphi community could get lots of younger people if Embarcadero would do more in returning Delphi into schools and perhaps provide additional discounts for students to upgrade into more advanced versions of Delphi.