Saturday, May 14, 2016

Completely Anonymous Delphi Code Monkey Reader Survey 2016

(update: Poll closed! Link removed)

I have put a completely optional, completely anonymous survey on survey monkey. The questions are completely general and will help me to get an idea of the readers who visit and thus, what you might enjoy hearing about, and may of course be fun for you to see the answers to as well.

I will share all results here on the blog after the survey closes, at the end of this month.
Here is a preview of all six questions on the survey. Please do not enter any email addresses or personal information into the comment boxes, where "other" answer boxes exist, so I don't have to spend time deleting it all before sharing the results here on the blog. The poll is completely optional and the categories/answers are fairly general.vague, and everybody will see the total answers.  If any answers to question 5 and 6 are repeated frequently, I'll publish those as well, otherwise, the published results will only specify the number of people who answered "other" to 5 and 6.  I really don't know what all the possible "#1 worries" might be, and I have a feeling that you all might enjoy seeing these answers. Please be as general and brief as possible, you only get 40 characters.


  1. I added it but about 30 have already answered, so the numbers there will be a bit low. I'll point that out when I publish the results, that I missed HTML5 initially!

    I don't know if people can go back and edit their replies.