Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happy 20th Birthday to the ICS Internet Component Suite by Francois Piette

One of my favorite fellow Delphi coders, Francois Piette has built a lot of great stuff, and the one thing I have used in more places that use Delphi than anything else is ICS.

Maybe Indy gets used more, and these days, Indy always comes in Delphi already pre-installed but I preferred to use ICS.  I used its SMTP email client and FTP client, and I used it as a TCP client and server base-class when I needed to write a Modbus-TCP client and Modbus-TCP server component. Unfortunately I did not ask my former employers to open source it, so I can't post the links to its code.   In retrospect I wish I had, as it might come in handy.    There is an indy based modbus tcp component for Delphi up on github, but I don't think my own exists anywhere outside the employer where I built it.

A beautiful clean architecture makes for elegant maintainable solutions.  Congratulations Francois and to his component for two whole decades!  Next year ICS will even be old enough to get a drink in Texas.

You can find this and much more at the overbyte site:

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