Thursday, January 28, 2016

Finding Delphi HotFixes on EDN

A problem that some Delphi users may not even know they have is "how do I navigate the EDN website and find Delphi fixes".

Three problems stand in your way:

1. The EDN site doesn't always have things posted under the heading Delphi.  You should probably be looking for your hotfixes using the RAD Studio heading.

2.  The EDN site is slow and quirky and has a user interface probably designed in 1993-era HTML.

3. It's hard to just say "I want to see Delphi hotfixes".

So, here is a nice link you can bookmark that does effectively that:

RAD Studio Recent Uploads

There is only one hotfix of interest to most Delphi 10 Seattle users who are already on Update1 product level:

First is a general IDE stability hotfix (memory leak in modern theme):

I believe this DCC64 hotfix for Delphi 10 Seattle RTM (pre-update1) is already included in update1:

Here's hoping someone at Embarcadero has some spare cycles to improve the experience at EDN, which I find a bit dated.

Also please clean this section of the CC articles up. Here's what you should be displaying in the "to download this" section:

To download this, you must have registered [one of]:
     Delphi 10 Seattle, C++ Builder 10 Seattle, or any subscription or package that includes
    one of these products,
including RAD Studio, and All Access suites.

I'm not going to copy and paste the current list here, but let's just say it runs to 289 lines and includes SKUs and product bundle offerings listed in detailed format that not even a product or marketing manager could love.


  1. Notice we are now providing a status summary of platform support and fixes at

  2. That's good. I didn't know the docwiki had update information.

  3. The PlatformStatus page is of dubious use...
    You still need some other source for when hotfixes are available.
    Not all hotfixes are listed (30453 which I found critical is missing).
    The page links to other parts of the embarcadero webpage where you can enjoy load times reaching several minutes.

    One wonders why these hotfixes can't be offered through the IDE. That "check for updates" functionality seems to be completely wasted.