Sunday, March 8, 2015

20 Years as a Delphi Developer

This is the talk I gave at the TDUG meeting, in February, now on youtube.


  1. Really enjoyed it! Great perspective and information.

  2. Excellent! I remember when Rob Schieck got me into Wasabi, and I was running it on OS/2. I had been doing a large system design for a national cable channel in Toronto, and could not run Drafix Cad on Windows without frequent crashes, so installed the Windows driver for my HP plotter on OS/2, and got my work done.

    Delphi was, of course, a sea change. Developing for windows was such an unpleasant task before Delphi that the only commercial app I had then built was using Paradox for Windows. Delphi 1 truly was an empowering tool. Among other things, I built a tool which was used by IBM Storage Systems Division to analyze their head plating processes.

    Delphi 2 on NT4 was a serious leap forward. I designed and implemented a broadcast video server on that platform, and it marked the beginning of my very deep commitment to Delphi. Never looked back.