Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Embarcadero MVP list updates

Embarcadero has released a new list of MVPs. I'm very happy to be on that list, because Delphi has been my favorite language, and favorite IDE since it was first released. 

To prevent misunderstandings let me just point out that an MVP is an independent community member, not an employee of Embarcadero, I am not an employee or sub-contractor.

I believe very much in the importance of the product, and its value to the development world.   I blog about Delphi related topics, on my own time, and I don't get paid to do that.  Why?   You wouldn't see me doing that with Java or with C++, although they are good enough tools in their own ways.  

Delphi has passionate users, because it's offering something unique.  I believe in that something unique that it offers, even though there might be some tools out there that cost zero dollars.  So am I a corporate shill?  No, definitely not.  And is everything always roses around here? No.  But I've always been clearly pro Delphi, and I'm grateful for the recognition that the people who believe in and love this language, and IDE can make contributions to the future of programming, too.

How do I do that?  I think I do that by teaching, consulting, by working with other Delphi people, by building little helpers, add-ons, components, and tools that people can use.  By showing that this is a really great way to build software. 

There are some great folks on the MVP list.  Zarko Gajic, who wrote about Delphi on About.com for many years.  Francois Piette, who has built a startling and fantastic quantity and quality of components, classes, tools, and frameworks in Delphi and made them open source.    Nick Hodges, a well known Delphi Blogger,  who did a stint as Delphi Product Manager, and has had many many other fun adventures in the community, a great guy.  Ray Konopka, Delphi component book guy, owner of Raize Software, builder of my favorite logging tool (CodeSite), and the guy who taught me to write design-time component code with his Delphi component book, back in the Delphi 3 era.  I could go on and on. Primoz Gabrijelcic... Alister Christie...  you guys rock!  Lots more people on that list deserve a shout out, but I'll keep it short. 

Anyways,  all of these people, myself included, think Delphi is awesome, and that it has a bright future ahead of it.

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