Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alister Christie's Delphi TV blog.

Alister Christie's delphi blog is one of the best out there for New Delphi Developers.

Now, I am not Alister's target audience, but I appreciate immensely what he's doing. You see, I've been in the position many times of trying to hire someone who knows Delphi already, and I've found it's one of the problems of not being the #1 most-popular technology out there; There are not enough delphi developers.  It's not a matter of it being impossible. It's just not as easy as it is to learn C#, with courseware, and bookshelves full of big fat books at your local bookstore (if you still even have one near you, that is)... There just aren't enough resources out there to help with learning Delphi. And unlike those of us who just complain about it (that would be my job, really), Alister is actually doing something about it.  So bravo Alister, good on 'ye, and keep up the good work!

Recent posts include new features in XE3, Firemonkey, and "Levels of OOP abstraction". That last topic leads me to a miniature set of topics which I think I will blog about:

The S.O.L.I.D. principles of Object Oriented Programming,  and some particular applications of these principles, using Delphi.

That will be my contribution to general education for the Delphi community for now.  Because if each of us could contribute a little bit of knowledge, and help everybody out, the effects would be magnificent.

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