Friday, October 21, 2011

Skype is now a Microsoft product.

The Skype client for Windows is written in Delphi. So now that Microsoft owns and operates Skype, they are now customers of Embarcadero, owner of Delphi, the world's greatest software development tool.

Of course, given the corporate culture at Microsoft, I expect the rewrite to 100% ".net" to take them about 1 year. As of November 2012, I will probably have to amend my statement, to say that, from its inception until recently, Skype for windows was written in Delphi. Now it's written in .... something else.


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  2. Don't be disappointed and don't care about how MS writes their own stuff. Could imagine that Skype favors pure C/C++ too. Who cares? No one. Wondering if they change it anyway. I think they simply needed an offering for the 'Cloud' dream of having integrated ERP, CRM and communication. Vendors pay the bill in the end for the illusion/delusion they have drawn.

  3. The greatest software development tool: Hear Hear!!!